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FP-640 Permanent Magnet Alternator

  • $240.00

Our most powerful and versatile PMA.  The rotor and stator are produced by Fisher & Paykel.  We produce the robust hub assembly that supports a massive 3/4" steel spindle that is suitable for applications such as a HAWT and VAWT.

The high efficiency of this alternator is from the radial design, iron core stator with a close air gap from the 36 pole permanent magnet rotor.

The Hub has 4 mounting holes for 3/8-16 bolts.

The output is 3 phase AC power at a voltage of .608V per RPM.   At 10 rpm it produces 6.08 volts and at 100rpm, it produces 60.8 volts for example.  The Stator is rated at 640 watts continuous.  Click here to see the Fisher & Paykel specs.


The Stator is 3 phase wye connected with 9 poles per leg.  The open design allows for easy modifications to reconfigure the windings for higher power outputs and efficiencies based on your wind speeds and turbine design.  This is a very exciting alternator to work with!!


Click here for the VAWT mounting bracket.


Do it yourself windturbine kit

Click image for our HAWT kit!