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N-12 Rotating Assembly for Wind Razor Wings

  • $98.00

The N12-rotating assembly mounts directly on the shaft of the N12-300 alternator and is designed for wind razor wings. The brackets on the wings will mount directly to the spokes. All parts are made from steel. The holes in mounting disk have been drilled and threaded.  The center hole is 3/4" diameter. 


 This kit includes: 

  •  1 Mounting disk (3/8" thick)
  •  6 spokes
  •  1 Upper reinforcing bracket
  •  spacers and hardware

The N-12 300 Alternator is not included but can be built by buying our N12 Hub and Spindle and the Stator and Rotor from Whirlpool.

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This kit will come in 2 packages

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