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60" Wind Razor Wings

  • $269.00

Our Wind razor wings use the NACA 0020 airfoil. This airfoil was selected because when used for a VAWT it produces high lift, has low drag and is easily self-starting. The low drag generates higher rotational speeds which improves the efficiency. The surface is turbulated to help reduce airflow separation and  increase the lifting zone of the wings circular path. The wing skin is a extruded from a tough, light weight,  UV stabilized, high impact synthetic plastic polymer.  A 1-3/8" diameter, .060" wall thickness, tubular steel spar is used to provide the structural strength and stiffness as well as secure and robust mounting.    

The kit includes:

  • 3 60" Wind Razor Wings
  • 3 Tubular Spars
  • 3 Aluminum Mounting Brackets


This instructional video demonstrates how you assemble these high performance wings. The material for the wingtips and the adhesive are not included. A quality construction adhesive from a home hardware store can be used. 



Template for setting the angle of attack as shown in the video.  Click! Angle of Attack Template




There are more videos on the WindGenKits YouTube channel





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